Request for Assistance in finding missing, lost, or abducted children or adults
Step 1: make a donation.


As explained on the previous page,  a minimum donation of $10 is required to submit a request.  We regret there are too many people who find it humorous to submit bogus requests for help, and we have instituted a donation policy designed to eliminate those phony & frivolous requests. 

We highly suggest that you look over the EXAMPLE Request Form (Click   Here) first!  This will allow you to gather the necessary information so that you can easily answer the questions on the  actual form.

If you are ready to make a legitimate request for help at this time, please click the donation button below. Once your donation has been completed, (this takes just a few minutes) you will automatically be taken to a page with an email address to contact. The form will be sent to you by return email.

Thank you .

Please click only once - it will take a few moments.

A Chance Connection

Phone: 702-645-2601

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