Missing, Lost, Abducted Children & Adults.




Project Find expresses gratitude
to the following organizations and individuals
for their involvement in bringing this service into existence.

For donating Hosting services!

Donations of
Web Design, 
Graphic Arts,
and Website 

Rocky Mtn. Web Studio

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Encouragement, Advice, Publicity, & Support

 Also, Special Thanks to:

Dr. Annette M Patterson - Hypnotherapist / Counselor - website, click here

Thank you:

To Aaron & Bree ThunderHart  "who made it all possible". 
.... I thank you for your ongoing unconditional love and support!
To Dick Page who helped me from the beginning... 
...I send him love and friendship.
To Glenda Harding who did the paperwork and gave me emotional support.
To Curtis Brackeen who was the original graphic artist
To Heather who did a lot of printing.
To Marina who helped create the name.
To Desire who showed me the way.
To Don - my friend Who taught me how to feel as one. Who touched my life, my mind & my Soul. Who shared his family with me.  I thank you. See you in the Sand.
To Douglas for taking that chance and touching my life in so many ways.
To Bill Kraus who always had faith in me.
To ANONYMOUS who helped me take the walk of faith and who will always matter.
To Diamond, Sandy, Tara, Pagon, Judy, Chanel, Tiffany, and Ashley, who stood by me and helped on a daily basis.
To Jim & Lelet Morris, Paul Schad, Phil, the Canadian, and Alan.
To TJ who's out there somewhere.
To my family...

my mom - who said don't hang your basket too high & get a job at the phone company with benefits.
my three aunts, Daria, Doreen, and Rosemary - who believed in me from the start.
my grandfather - who taught me to follow my own dreams.
my cousin Danielle - who will become my right hand helping run this project.
Grandma Noreen & Geno who always pray for me.
Fern and Grandma for their love and the family they've given me.
John, who stood by me as I procrastinated with love and support.
Jimmy G. who created a rainbow.
Frank who showed me leopards can change their spots.
Grandma Mattie who watches over me.

Jimmy Pagnusat (Ladd) who showed me there is life on the other side.
AND there are so many others...

I thank you all for making A Chance Connection - Project Find possible.




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if each person who viewed this site and liked it could send a small donation, it could make the difference in a child's life.
We are also in need of grant writers, fundraising and marketing volunteers. 
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