Missing, Lost, Abducted Children & Adults.


Statistical  Information


Approximately 20% of the requests for help contained an error in the contact information which prevented Project Find from providing helpful information. 

As we DO NOT add to the stress of an extremely emotional time by un-necessarily contacting the requesting party, these errors in the contact information are not discovered until AFTER all of our effort is completed, and we have helpful  information. WHAT A TREMENDOUS WASTE OF OUR EFFORT - to be holding valuable information that will help, but not being able to communicate it. 

The request for help form asks for your REAL name, email, and phone number. If you do not not feel comfortable enough to give us this information, PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM! At the present time, we are considering a change in policy in which we will verify contact information before becoming involved. 

In approximately 22% of requests for help, we contributed otherwise unobtainable valuable information which resulted in a successful 'FIND". 

For those interested, some of the specific details, and various kinds of information that was provided may be gleaned from the unsolicited testimonials.

In approximately 14% of the requests for help, the missing party was found, located, and / or reunited within hours after the request for help was submitted, so our involvement was un-needed.  

We thought this was in interesting statistic, as the length of time varied considerably from the time when the individual went "lost" to the time that they were "found". Although one could take this statistical information and utilize it in creating any number of wild assumptions, we have not gathered enough data to make any sound conclusions. Right now, we just think it is interesting.

In approximately 7% of the requests for help, the requests involved obtaining information about someone who was already known to be deceased. 

Our only comment here is that our purpose is to assist in finding missing, lost, or abducted.

In the remaining requests for help, we were not able to provide any otherwise unknown information that contributed to the case.

In reviewing the data, it is our finding that the major common factor to all the requests in this category is incompletely filled out requests, and the lack of information provided to us. 

We understand that some of the questions asked may not seem relevant to the requester, but please understand: This is the information that our Psychics, Intuitives, Clairvoyants, etc... feel they need to establish a strong link to the place from which they assimilate their information. 

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM COMPLETELY - AS BEST YOU CAN. As with anything in life, a half hearted effort usually always guarantees a half hearted result. Your sincerity in requesting assistance CAN ONLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES FOR A POSITIVE RESULT.

God bless you. We will do our best to help. And may you find peace and guidance in these troubled circumstances. 


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