...Missing, Lost, Abducted Children & Adults.




Finding Lost, Abducted, or Missing
Children & Adults

Locating missing, lost, abducted, or otherwise misplaced children and adults...
 via intuitive talents & other God-given gifts.

MissingChild ACC is a service provided by A Chance Connection - a non-profit organization duly established and registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Of America. All services are provided on a volunteer, "best efforts" basis, and no guarantees of any kind, written or verbal are implied or expressed. Those who volunteer their special gifts and services, do so in the hopes of relieving human suffering and providing hope and comfort to the distressed in a time of need.

A Chance Connection was formed in order to assist in locating the the missing on a national, and international level, assisting the various law enforcement agencies with information and insights obtained through those empowered with psychic, intuitive, or other special abilities.

We provide help to the families of those missing, lost or abducted, and will cooperate with any and all individuals, organizations or agencies of similar intent.  The offering of this service should in no way be misconstrued as an inducement to bypass the usual and accepted means of finding a missing person through the usual law enforcement agencies.

Contributions are tax deductible,
and utilized solely to improve our ability to serve better.

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