Finding Missing, Lost, or Abducted Children & Adults.


   Use Your gift to help those in need. 

Finding Missing, Lost, or Abducted Children / Adults.


It's hard to imagine the agony of loosing a child or family member to an abductor. And often times normal law enforcement agencies are over worked, limited in time, and left without substantial clues. Your special gift can provide the miracle break in a missing child 's or missing person's case that will enable the law enforcement agency to find and return that child / person to their family. 

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Psychics, Intuitives,
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Graphic1.gif (8403 bytes)You already know what a fortunate blessing your gift can be to those who are suffering and in great need. And you have already learned that no good deed goes un-rewarded.

Project Find is an all volunteer cooperative endeavor that allows you to utilize your gift(s) to aid those in the greatest of need; a lost, missing, or abducted child or loved one.

Graphic3.gif (4217 bytes)Your involvement can be tailored to match both your ability and your schedule - You decide how often to become involved, and you can specify the kinds of cases you prefer to work on.

We ask you to search your heart, and ask if getting involved with Project Find can be both a benefit to your personal growth, and a suitable way of expressing your dedication and service to humanity.

Please contact Chance (click here) for further information.


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Please help!
if each person who viewed this site and liked it could send a small donation, it could make the difference in a child's life.

We are also in need of grant writers, fundraising and marketing volunteers. 
Please contact us here.


Missing Children / Adults

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