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Lost Child Case #xxxx
Yes! We found him! And over half of the responses you provided were very accurate!!!!

Abducted Child Case #xxxx
Thank you for your quick response. I don't think I have ever been so moved in my entire life - I have located my daughter!  Thank you so much!!!! 

Lost Object Case #xxx -  Wedding Ring
Good news, I had the septic people come out today and I told them I think my ring might be in there and though it took forever to do it - they found it in the bottom of the tank !!!!!!! I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in helping--they were right it went down the drain and was still in the house in reality---when my husband gets back to work and we are back on our feet again, I will send another donation to you--thank you all so much and may whomever or whatever you believe in always be with you and yours---thanks Brenda

(In this case our response was short and to the point: "It's still in the house.. I see a pipe or drain.. unfortunately I think you will have to tear all the drains apart.. Start in the kitchen.. I see alot of plants... Good luck to you..")

Missing Child Case #xxxx
God bless all of you for your feedback and assistance. Gianna has returned safely and was unharmed. I would like to note that Psychic #1 was very close in regards to whom my daughter was with. Thank you for your help.
Phil   (623 area code)

(Psychic # : I believe you should contact the police immediately, as I see her with a Hispanic male approx. 24 years old. He has a record and they have his photograph from September of last year. He has short dark hair and one ear ring. He also has a tattoo on the back of his left hand, possibly a spider. He will get bored with her quickly. Look for the help of a policeman with 3 children and has a history of working with children and families.)

Missing Pet Case #xxx
My name is Nancy and I requested help in locating my cat Shadow who was missing. I am happy to report he is now safe and sound. Thank you for being there for everyone who needs your help.

Missing Child Case #xxxx
I have never been one to be big in believing in psychics, but your reply to me was just so eerie. Most of what your psychics had suspected was correct. He had abused her, her hair was now blonde, she had moved to Tenn. for about 1 year, and get this - her nickname is "N" for Nikki! And she was only about 5 minutes from me! This was a very dangerous situation at one point, in fear of her going to police, he felt as though he could have her killed in order to destroy the evidence and not be a suspect since he was out of the country. I confronted the man who was rumored to be the one who would kill her. We are all in financial ruins as well. But I am happy though because I have all my children with me now. We have all been through hell--the only good thing is he is living in the Middle East now. Is there anyway you can tell me what is going on with this man, as far as being dangerous and our financial situation? 

Like I said--I have never believed in psychics but your replies were right on, and gave me hope that there was someone I cold turn to. Thank you soooooo much! Please know that the info is so greatly appreciated. What a wonderful service to provide, especially from the heartómay God bless you all.

P.S. This further instills my faith--I also believe in God--even in the midst of the horrible things that have happened to my children and myself, i want desperately to cling to the fact that God is what gives us our strength. And I have found out that we can deal with anything as long as we know what it is. 

Thank Again,

Missing Jewelry Case #xxx
Both responses had truisms. One of the psychics described the men very well. The other, described the situation about the missing jewelry the best.

Missing Child Case #xxx
Michael and Steven are at home! Thank You from the bottom of my soul and may God Bless each and everyone. It will truly be remembered. 

Missing Pet Case #xxx
My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to each of you for sharing your gift with me, and for your charity and kindness. I will find my peace in believing that Petey is loved and cared for.Thank you for your help. May God hold you in his hands...


Missing Person Case #xxxx
Thanks so much for replying so soon. You have impressed me so much! Hope this helps us more. Your a great person and thanks for caring. Your doing the greatest job ever, and you will be repaid for what your doing. Bless you so much. 


Missing Child Case #xxx
Oh thank you so much for your reply--It is as if your psychics have gotten his profile to a tee. 
I live in constant worry of this man. I was contemplating selling my house because I fear being watched constantly. If there is a chance he left behind money or something of value within the garden area or the back of the garage, I will put off selling the house until we have ample time to search. He has three brothers living within 75 miles of us, and they have never called us asking if my children need anything and have cut off all family ties. This worries me for my children, I feel Family is important. I am not sure if they take his side in all of this or are protecting him or as just shamed. In the meantime, our financial situation is like standing in quicksand, while he is presumably in Ramallah, Israel and has remarried. 

You have again amazed and enlightened me. May God Bless you, you have renewed my faith in a much higher power and have also given me strength to see past today. I once again Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Thank you so very much for your response. As of now, I have no "hot" leads on their whereabouts so I will use what you sent as a guide for search. It's interesting you say the father is mean tempered and yells alot, that is right on! Also, this is the 2nd psychic to say the older boy may tell someone about the situation. Let's pray it is true and they are returned home safely soon. Thank you again. I'll keep you updated. 

[Name withheld by request]

Missing Person Case #xxxx
thank you very much for the information you provided. some of this information seems right on; the phsychic taht mentioned a close friend from school and the older hispanic boy, but i am having difficulty putting the pieces together for an exact fit. mari did contact me on april 6, 2005, she said that she did not know why we were looking for her and that we should leave her alone, she is doing fine. she said she is working and living on her own. she mentioned the fact that her father is not looking for her so why are we?. we traced the phone call to a pay phone in phoenix, so she didn't go very far, but by the time the police arrived she had long since gone. thank you for the help you have already provided and any additional information will be greatly appreciated.


Missing Person Case #xxxx
Thank you so much for your time and effort to look into my sisters case. One of the psychics said they thought she was in Idaho, it's amazing we heard news recently that she might be in Idaho. Is there any way this psychic could give more information. On the letter I was sent it was psychic #4. Thank you again.

Missing Child Case #xxxx
You have no idea of how much your response amazes me. This is true - I have heard he recently lost a sizeable amount of money in a business transaction and is involved in very shady dealings. Once again, when mentioning his heart, your psychics were right on target. He had angioplasty app. five years ago and is on heart medication. It would make sense that with this amount of stress he is obviously under, his health would naturally be failing. I would like you to know that since he has left, my children and I have been reunited, and we are very happy together. We may never have the money he has, but I am truly rich! The three years I lost with Teresa may never be re-gained, but we make every day matter now. Our worst fear is only that he will return. And you were so right in the statement that he leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. The only issues I have not resolved today is the matter about the "box of some sort". This has confused me. Even though it does not surprise me, he has been known to hide money--I am totally baffled about what and where this could be. Anyway, as the year ends, I cannot tell you how helpful you have been and how you have amazed me. I wish for each of you a happy holiday, may God bless you for all the help you give to people like me who are wandering in the dark. Once again, thank you so much.

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